Cooking on High and Keeping my Pan Shiny!

I love shiny new pans. And I love shiny new pans that work as well as they look! And things get even better when the stay shiny after some hard work cooking up perfect steak! Well, I have one of these pans but I have to admit that in between all that cooking that pan was thrown in the dish water and cleaned with a dish brush, you can guess the rest.. I kept cooking, it kept working but it started to show, it was starting to get that “worked all night for you” kind of look. (It’s not pretty, if you double-click on my pan, you’ll see … a not-so-shiny/clean pan)


I also love high heat for my steaks and you can see my pan was working hard, but showing it too. In comes a new product into our store that claims to clean pots, pans, sink , stove, remove rust and also ideal for bikes, cars and motorcycles…uh huh. It’s claim was that the fine copper-threads would gently remove dirt and not scratch. It even claimed to “free pots, pans and stoves from burned grime…” Something my pan was crying for. All this and Made in the I began my trial.. using a bit of water and dish soap.TheTransition
I cleaned the inside, I cleaned the outside and I still had enough power left in my scrubbing arm to “free my pan” from the grime around the rivets and where the handle meets the pan. The grime came off, even the bottom of the pan looks good. The Redecker Copper Cleaner Scrubber has earned a permanent place by my kitchen sink! (2 scrubbies $11.99)ShinyAgain

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