Why Register with KCI?

We provide a simple and easy registry for you to manage and your guests to shop in store, online or with a phone call!

Complimentary gift upon registering because we are just so excited you love the products we love!

Complimentary gift registry announcement cards – shout it out to family and friends! We will answer any questions they have when they shop your registry.

Easy exchange policy because nobody needs 7 toasters!

Exclusive KCI Registry 10% discount card valid through to your 1st anniversary.  That’s right, any items left on your registry are yours at a discount!  You can even use any gift cards you received and still get the discount!

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions below:

When should I register?

Congratulations, you just go engaged! When you make this announcement it is time to start thinking about your registry.  Make your appointment to see us 6-12 months before your wedding.  You can change and update your registry as your wedding date gets closer.

Can I get a copy of my registry list?

Yes, you can!  We will print a copy for your when you complete your appointment at our store.  You also have the option to print it from your Manage my Registry page online.

Why are not all items from my registry visible online?

This simply means that you have selected some items that are available in store only.  These items will be on your printed list and on the printed list in store.  Guests can purchase these items by visiting the store or giving us a call!

When an item is purchased, is my registry updated?

Yes, each time a guest purchases an item off your registry online, in-store or by phone we will update your registry as quick as we can.

Can a guest purchase a gift card towards my registry or in addition to a gift from my registry?

This is a great way for guests who are not sure what they want to give or if they just prefer to give a gift card for a gift.  Many guests will add a gift card to an item you have already chosen.

How long will my registry be available to my guests?

Your registry is available in store, from the day you create it until 1 year after your wedding for guests, unless arranged by you differently. It is available online until your wedding day. If you require anything different we will do our best to meet your needs.

How can I let my guests know where I am registered?

Once you register in store we provide you with complimentary gift registry announcement cards for insertion in invitations to family and friends! We will answer any questions they have when they shop your registry.

What if I need to make a return?

We have an easy exchange policy because nobody needs 7 toasters! We provide your guests with a gift receipt when they purchase from your registry to make the process easy.  Simply bring the item back in its original packaging exchange for something that works better for you!  If you can’t find something that day we will issue you a gift certificate you can use at anytime.

What if I would like a product in a different colour or don’t see it in your store?

Let us know what you are looking for and if it is available to us we will order it in for you!

Can I add to my registry?

Yes, you can add items online or visit the store and add items anytime.We will also send occasionally emails to let you know if some new product has arrived at the store we think you might be interested in.

Can I remove items from my registry?

Yes, you can.  Just contact us and let us remove the items so we can be sure the item has been remove in store and online and has not already been purchased.

Can I get my gifts delivered?

Yes, when delivery suits your guests better, we will make sure the gift gets to the address you have provided us with.

The wedding has happened what now?

Congratulations to one of the biggest days in your life!We will be contacting you with your 10% registry item discount card valid until your first anniversary.

Set Up An In Store Appointment

Congratulations you are engaged!  We are so excited that you have chosen to create a registry with us! We would like to find the best day and time for you to come and visit us and create your registry.  You can reach us by filling out of the form below or calling us at 519-291-4777.

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