Winning Chopping Boards and Testing Burgers with Garlicky Mushrooms & Onions

It’s Friday evening and it’s supper time and it’s going to be burger time at our house.  That means some chopping time for burger toppings and tonight, frying time for burgers because my BBQ is still under a whole lot of snow! Some new burger patties came into the store and tonight is the night we are testing them to see if they are KCI shelf worthy.  There’s a lot of burgers out there, we love home-made but sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything.  So we’re looking for a burger that’s ready to go and tastes great!

My Chop N’ Clear cutting board has impressed me since the day I brought it home.  onionscraps The first great feature is that it has rubber feet and stays put on the counter top.  The next great feature is the 2 side drawers that easily pull out.  I peel my onion and slide all the scraps into the first drawer, out of the way and not sticking to my now peeled onion.  I dice up the onion and slide the diced onions into the second drawer on the opposite side. And here’s the great part, the drawer pulls completely out and I can add my onions to the already simmering mushrooms! add onions No onions on my kitchen floor this way!  While they simmer the frozen burger patties are beginning to cook in the frying pan.  I remember the tip from several of the chefs at our cooking classes, don’t flip until it comes loose on its own.  I am using a stainless steel frying pan with a bit of oil, the burgers are still sticking to the pan, so I patiently wait… a couple of minutes and they come loose on their own and the second side begins to cook. (The patience also pays off because the pan is much easier to clean.)burger The mushrooms and onions simmer on medium, I add my “go-to” seasoning to them, Garlicky Italian Seasoning by Garlic Box. I sprinkle about 1 tsp on the mixture.  ItalianGarlickySeasoningThis is a staple in my kitchen, it works with so many things from bruschetta to spaghetti sauce to kicking up my mushrooms and onions tonight! Another quick tip comes to mind, always taste what you are making, so a quick taste of the onion and mushroom mixture and definitely a bit of salt is needed, not a lot just about 1/2 tsp. All I need to do yet is cut up the portuguese buns  (a crisp crust with a soft inside make these great buns for so much), pull out the rest of my burger toppings and Friday night supper is good to go! Watch to see what new burgers are on the shelves at KCI this BBQ season!!!portuguese buns

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